Online survey shows features, price of 'perfect' woman

Online survey shows features, price of 'perfect' woman

(KFVS) - A dating website survey shows American men really do prefer blondes, but they also prefer smart women.

The survey by dating auction site reports the average American male describes his "perfect woman" just as you might think he would: blonde with blue eyes and a slender build.

But maybe not so predictably, more than looks, those surveyed said they wanted to date a woman with a graduate degree.

The survey also shows that the majority of men prefer non-smokers and would like their date to be more of a social drinker, rather than someone who drinks on a regular basis.

Each of the 145,000 men polled were asked to attach a specific financial value to each attribute to come up with a total "cost" for their ideal first date.

For example, blonde hair was valued at an average of $59.31, while a slender body came in at $55.43.

The most valued attribute was a graduate degree. The average price men were willing to pay to date a woman with a post-graduate qualification was $59.90.

On average, men in the U.S. were reportedly willing to spend $135.07 for a first date with someone with "perfect" traits.

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