Dry skin dilemma? Solutions could be in your kitchen

Dry skin dilemma? Solutions could be in your kitchen

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Itchy, flaky, cracking: sound like your skin? Doctors say dry skin issues are at their peak now in the cold months of January and February.

Many of you say the cold weather has you searching for dry skin solutions. We found out some could be as close as your kitchen.

"My legs itch so bad that I will scratch to the point that I am bleeding or I end up with bruises on my thighs," said Ruth Ann Orr.

Orr said she'd do anything to solve her dry skin dilemma.

"If I'm going outside, I will put oil on because I know it's going to get worse," she said.

She said it's so disgusting it's not fit to show on TV.

"Hahaha no!" laughed Orr.

But if you're like her, you know she's talking about cracked, dry, winter skin, that doctors say can snowball into a bigger issue, and even be a sign of other conditions.

Some of those conditions can include everything from eczema, hormonal changes, to an underactive thyroid to diabetes. However doctors and natural health enthusiasts say for most problems simple lifestyle changes could help quite a bit. 

"Don't put anything on your body that you wouldn't want to eat," said Stacey Peters. 

Peters educated herself in natural remedies and now makes her own soap, salts, and lotions that she said changed her skin and others. The simple recipes she learned from her grandparents even turned into a business she operates out of her home: Brickhouse Soaps. 

"Most of the stuff you're buying at the store has a lot of fillers like cardboard," said Peters. "With the natural products you can use a lot less."

A few suggestions you might have right now include sea salt.

"Just get a good mixture on your was cloth and rub it on your feet, you can also use a natural sugar scrub," said Peters. 

Peters suggests avocado for face or hair.  

"Just put it on your face for about ten or fifteen minutes after you mash it up," she said. "You can also put the mashed avocado on your hair, leave on for a few minutes and rinse." 

Next, a plain old banana. 

"Mash that banana up and of course it's got extra potassium you can put there on your hair or your skin," said Peters. 

More solutions: drink water, always clean your face and exfoliate. 

One mixture is brown sugar, olive oil and maple syrup mixed to a desired consistency. You can also moisturize with a mixture of avocado, lemon and honey.

You can also directly apply olive oil or coconut oil to your skin. 

As for Orr, she's excited to try something new.

"Everyone is searching for the perfect product," said Orr. 

Be careful not to buy harsh soaps, itchy clothing and cover as much skin as possible in cold windy weather.

Dry heat from indoor heating can also cause issues.

Doctors suggest humidifiers and clothing made of natural fibers like cotton instead of wool. 

Doctors also say it's a good idea to take a luke warm shower instead of a steamy one, and moisturize while your skin is still damp. Eating foods with Omega 3 is also key. 

Doctors say if those remedies don't work after two weeks, you may need to see a skin specialist. 

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For more information on Stacey Peters' business, Brickhouse Soaps, you can click here. You can also "like" their Facebook page.

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