City of Dexter to install security cameras around town

City of Dexter to install security cameras around town

DEXTER, MO (KFVS) - City leaders in Dexter, Missouri are trying to beef up security by installing surveillance cameras around town.

City administrator Mark Stidham said having the cameras available will aid police in solving crimes.

"It will be helpful for our officers," Stidham said. "We can back up the cameras and review the time frame."

Stidham said the exact locations of the cameras still has to be decided. But he said the city will concentrate video surveillance downtown and around the Business 60 shopping strip.

The city expects to spend about $30,000 from its general revenue over the next year and a half to fund the project. Stidham said that will buy the city eight cameras, recording equipment, as well as antennas that will allow for wireless video transmission to the Dexter police station.

"If it solves one crime it will be worth it," Stidham said.

A handful of store owners around the downtown area think the project is a good idea.

Trinkets and Treasures owner Deborah Sturgess said she knows stores have seen issues with vandals and thieves in the past.

"We've had individuals drive by and throw rocks in windows," Sturgess said. "Sadly in this day and time, there's lot's of people that are tempted."

The city's mayor, Joe Weber, runs a business that has been in his family for more than 100 years. He said it is time the city moves forward with the camera project.

"An awful lot of towns have gone to these things," Weber said. "We're kind of along with them now."

Stidham assures the cameras will only be used by investigators or emergency managers. He said they will not be used for catching traffic violators.

"We're not going to use these for 'who's at fault' during traffic accidents," Stidham said.

He hopes the extra lenses around town will give business owners peace-of-mind.

"We have solved crimes in the past, Dexter PD has, with cameras that were owned by the businesses in the past," Stidham said. "We want to assure them that their businesses is safe,"

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