Tainted gasoline found in Heartland gas station

Tainted gasoline found in Heartland gas station

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Ten or so people in Carbondale, Illinois are being reimbursed after they filled up their tanks with what turned out to be tainted gasoline.

It's a problem that could mean hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Between Friday and Sunday of last week, some customers at ZX Gas (or EZ Street) in Carbondale thought they were filling their tanks up with premium gas.

But that wasn't the case.

The owner, Darrell Meek, said water was actually coming out of the pumps.

He said during repairs to the Premium Gas pumps, the pumps were accidentally turned back on.

"Even though we had on the pumps, we had marked, 'Do not use Premium Gas,' a couple of customers did," he said.

Todd Darnstaedt at Today's Technology Auto Repair said there isn't much to do to guard against this problem.

"Unfortunately you can't tell. All you can do is go to a gas station, I recommend people go to a gas station that you trust that you have bought fuel from in the past and keep going to that gas station," said Darnstaedt.

And if it does happen to you, it could be costly.

"It can go anywhere from $300 all the way up to $800 or $1,000 if you need a new fuel pump," he said.

Meek said all of the customers will be fully reimbursed through their insurance company and their premium gas will be sold again on Thursday.

ZX Gas still has unleaded gas available.

Experts agree it's also best to avoid filling up from a pump attached to a tank that is being refilled by a tanker truck.

When this is happening, it means the tank is low, exposing possible water.

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