Study: BPA replacement chemical may be unsafe in baby bottles

Study: BPA replacement chemical may be unsafe in baby bottles

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - In 2012, the FDA banned baby bottles that contain the chemical BPA, but now there's a new concern.

According to a new study, the chemical that replaced BPA, called Bisphenol S or BPS, may cause developmental issues.

That, of course, has many moms thinking twice about what to buy.

We all want our kids to grow up strong, healthy and safe.

"As a parent, it just worries you every time you see another study," Mother-of-Two Kimberly Rueseler said.

Rueseler said for her children, she used bottled that didn't have BPA or BPS.

"You don't want them to grow up and have anything bad happen to them and you come back later on and think, 'Was it something I did? Was it something I fed my child? Was it the bottle?'" Rueseler said.

Also an infant teacher at the University School for Young Children, Rueseler said it's up to parents to look at the options and decide which bottles are best.

"Maybe use the glass bottled if you're scared there is something in the plastics," Rueseler said.

Even though recent research shows the chemical could be harmful, one local pediatrician said don't rush to the store to return your BPS bottles, yet.

"Even the FDA would agree, we are not sure whether or not it causes problems or not," Dr. Andrew Boldrey said.

Dr. Boldrey said studies like this one are being done to figure out why there's been an increase in autism and hyper-activity, but, still, he isn't convinced BPA or BPS is to blame.

"Before we condemn a specific chemical, I think more testing needs to be done," Dr. Boldrey said.

Even if you do decide to switch bottles, Dr. Boldrey said chances are slim that you'll eliminate BPS altogether.

"It's found in food containers, it's found in beverage containers. It's even on paper on sales receipts," Dr. Boldrey said.

Boldrey said if you have questions about what's best for your child, always ask their pediatrician.

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