Murphysboro, IL man sentenced for reported confrontation in Carbondale

Murphysboro, IL man sentenced for reported confrontation in Carbondale

A Murphysboro, Illinois man was sentenced to the Illinois Department of Corrections on Thursday, Jan. 8.

Manuel Shanklin was sentenced for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon after a jury trial on Nov. 3, 2014. He was sentenced to one year of incarceration, followed by one year of mandatory supervised release and a $1,000 fine.

According to Michael C. Carr, the Jackson County state's attorney, on Oct. 17, 2013, two people were walking to their vehicle behind Kampus Kuts and Harbaugh's Cafe in Carbondale.

As they entered the parking lot, they walked into a confrontation between two groups of men.

Carr said the two men ran to their vehicle and called the police.

As they got to their vehicle, Carr said the men heard a gun cock. They turned and saw Shanklin holding a handgun.

Shortly after, Carbondale police responded to the scene.

Carr said the three suspects ran going westbound across South Illinois Avenue towards the Air Force ROTC building on the SIU campus.

Officers were able to catch and detain all three people.

One of the suspects identified himself as Shanklin.

At that time, Carr said a bystander approached the officers and told them that he saw Shanklin bend down at a set of stairs attached to the ROTC building.

Officers searched under the stairs and found a .45 caliber Sig Saur.

Carr said the gun was sent to the Illinois State Police forensics laboratory for DNA testing which revealed that the DNA was consistent with that of Shanklin's was found on the gun.

On Nov. 3, 2014, a jury found Shanklin guilty of the charge.

He will report to the Jackson County Sheriff's Department at 10 a.m. on Jan. 14 to serve his sentence.

The investigation was conducted by the Carbondale Police Department and the Illinois State Police. Assistant State's Attorney Patrick J. Brewster was the prosecutor of the case.

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