Outside workers working indoors due to extreme cold

Outside workers working indoors due to extreme cold

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - You probably like to stay out of these frigid temperatures, but sometimes your job might require to work outside.

The Sikeston Public Works Department employees are used to bundling up, but on extremely cold days, the city says they try to keep their workers indoors.

These guys are used to hard work.

"We recently reconstructed these shelter benches that go in the park," said Traveon Dennis.

And as part of the Sikeston Street and Park departments, they're used to doing that work outside.

"I need to dress appropriately that's for sure," said Bill Nance.

But on extremely cold days, like today, they paint, drill and run wire indoors.

"I'd a lot rather work in here today than out there," said Nance.

"I feel like I won the lottery," said Dennis.

"You don't every get used to it, before outside when it's cold and I'm older and it don't take much anymore to get chilled to the bones," said Gary Annesser.

"We see the forecast with temperatures in the 8, 9 degree range, we try to do our best to focus on things that are indoors," said Jay Lancaster, the Director of the Sikeston Public Works Department.

Thursday, the public works employees were building a band stand, installing electric wires, and fixing park benches.

"During the summer we're so busy we don't have time to do all this repair work so it's good to have a little inside work," said Nance.

"Trying to get them ready so when people start hitting the parks and all that, the tables will be in good shape," said Annesser.

The City of Sikeston is on track with Occupational Safety & Health Administration guidelines which suggest limiting the amount of time workers spend out doors on extremely cold days.

The agency also suggests employers train their workers to spot symptoms of cold stress and injury, to monitor other workers, and to know what to wear in the cold.

But these local workers say they're also ready to step into the cold if they need to.

"Sometimes even when it's cold there's jobs we got to go out and do, you never know if a tree is going to fall," said Nance.

"Nobody likes to be in eight or 9 degree weather and freezing, but there's days when we need to do that and these guys put on their gear and tackle it without complaints," said Lancaster.

If you are planning to do any work in this cold, even if that means shoveling snow once we get that, experts say you should be careful, because the cold can put extra strain on your heart.

Your body is already working overtime to stay warm, so don't overdo it.

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