Outside work goes on as temperatures dip below freezing

Outside work goes on as temperatures dip below freezing

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - With temperatures below freezing, most are advised to stay inside.

However, some Heartland residents still have to work outside, like courtesy clerks at Schnucks who retrieve carts after shoppers put their groceries in their cars.

Jon Townsend said they have set policies to keep their employees from getting frostbite, though.

Townsend said it is mandatory for workers to come dressed for the elements.

"If they come into work, unfortunately a lot of the younger ones maybe aren't watching the weather or they haven't worked in a couple of days and haven't seen our posted warnings about the weather and if we don't feel like they have a heavy enough coat we will send them home to get a heavier coat," Townsend said.

The store also limits courtesy clerks time outside.

They are instructed to spend no more than 10 minutes out and then they can come in for 10 minutes to warm up.

"We want all of our teammates to be safe," Townsend said. "I mean that's first and foremost. We want them to come to work and have a great experience, not go home with frostbite on their cheeks or their exposed hands or something, so we take it very serious."

The Red Cross suggests if you have to be out in this weather to always wear a hat and gloves, which should help keep your body heat in.

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