What lies ahead for KY plane crash survivor

What lies ahead for KY plane crash survivor

LYON COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - The story of 7-year-old Sailor Gutzler, sole survivor of a plane crash that killed her family, has captured the attention of plenty of people across the country.

Now the question becomes how she might react to such trauma.

Child specialist Leisa Blissett at the Community Counseling Center in Cape Girardeau said Sailor will have a long road ahead of her.

"She will probably have at some point what we call survivors guilt," Blissett said. "Where she's upset that she lost her family and yet she was able to still survive."

Some sort of counseling will be a must. Blissett added that surviving family members looking after her can play a big role in her mental recovery.

"She's going to probably go through a bereavement process, grief and loss process. I would suggest they even get into family counseling with her," Blissett said.

Blissett said if problems go untreated it could possibly result in long term psychological issues.

But she said Sailor could take her experience of survival and turn it into a positive.

"We definitely know that sometimes we don't always understand things that happen but she survived for a reason," Blissett said. "She probably can be impactful to other who might be going through the same thing."

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