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IL high school students react to NV law on truancy, driver's licenses


Students in Nevada could lose their license if they miss too much class. This new law goes into effect on Thursday.

Although it is not a proposal for Illinois, some high schoolers in Harrisburg, Ill. had some strong reactions to the idea.

One of the most exciting parts about turning 16 is getting a driver's license, but depending on how often you attend class, you may not have the option to get behind a wheel.

The new law is all in part to ensure students are in classrooms at least 90 percent of the school year.

Some school districts across the U.S. are stating if there are students who have too many unexcused absences, their driver's license will be taken away for 30 days on the first offense and for 60 days on the second.

Some high school students we talked to say if this law were to take effect at their school, it would be pretty difficult.

"Yeah, that'd be tough because then I couldn't get to practice or take my little brothers and sister anywhere," senior Tyler Sullivan said.

"Yeah, it would be harder, especially on the winter because then you'd have to resort to taking the bus," senior Emilee  Evans said. "And seniors, we don't like taking the bus."

Although there is not a law about this in Illinois, high schoolers did say it would be beneficial and encourage students to think twice before deciding to miss class without an excuse.

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