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Winter boating safety tips

(Source: Rae Daniel) (Source: Rae Daniel)
ILLINOIS (KFVS) - Other than having the necessary items to keep warm while fishing during the cold season, experts say the main piece of attire needs to be a life jacket.

In Illinois, under state law, children under the age of 13 are required to always wear their life jacket when getting on a boat. 

These life jackets do not have to look like the vests we usually see. There are ones that look like regular winter coats that have a flotation device inside. 

Experts say no matter what age, a personal floating device needs to be accessible at all times.

“When you hit that cold weather like the one behind us, you're not going to have time to put that jacket on, so you definitely want to wear it," Conservation officer, Chris Mohrman said.

Mohrman also said you should let someone know where you're going when you head out on the boat and approximately what time you'll be back.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources does offer an online boating class, going over the basics of boating safety. 

For more information about the class, you can click here.

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