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Jump in downloads of confidential messaging apps

Users began downloading iOS 8 on Sept. 17. Users began downloading iOS 8 on Sept. 17.
CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Some app creators are profiting off the recent Sony hacking scandal.

They're calling this the "best week by far" for confidential messaging apps.

Emails between Sony executives has created a PR nightmare for the company.

As a result, users are finding ways to protect their personal messages, especially on their phones.

Billionaire Mark Cuban created one of these apps, his is called Cyberdust.

Here's how it works: messages never hit a hard drive so when the app automatically deletes them, there's no history of what was sent.

But even without one of these specialty apps your cell phone is more secure than you may think.

"Mobile devices are infinitely more secure than a traditional PC is," said Michael Walker, Owner of Cape Computer Repair. "PCs run on Windows, your mobile devices don't. They run usually on Linux, or something derived from Linux, which is a really secure operating system. You don't even need to run any form of anti-virus software on Android phone or your Apple phone. As long as you're downloading apps from the official Google store or official Apple store you're probably going to be just fine."

While that may ease your mind, Walker said your concern should lie in the permissions some apps require.

Some want access to photos, others want your contact list.

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