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Police investigate vandalism of signs for veterans

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Disgusting and disrespectful: that's the feeling of staff after it appears someone intentionally ripped to rip two signs honoring veterans out of the ground and tossed one onto the roof of a neighboring business in Cape Girardeau. 

It's most upsetting to the property and business owner, Thomas Meyer, who is a veteran himself. 

His secretary Laura Kennedy discovered the signs had apparently been tampered with on the private business property Sunday night. 

"That's as low as you can go," said Kennedy. "You can't go any lower than to disgrace a veteran."

Laura Kennedy described her outrage when she discovered designated signs for veterans parking yanked out of the ground and tossed aside. 

"I see this sign here before I put it back in the ground laying across the alley on top of the building, Celebrations Restaurant next door," said Kennedy. 

She says they had been placed in concrete and it had to take some work to get it up from the ground. 

"We are disgusted because that's a sign for a veteran and we love our veterans," she said.  

Kennedy says it appears after they yanked the first sign out of the concrete they went for the second one too. 

"They tried by just twisting it to break it," she said as she wiggled the sign. "Whoever did that to the veteran sign should be very ashamed of themselves." 

"You try to keep an open mind but it almost seemed intentional," said Tom Meyer who a a veteran and the owner of Exit Realty. 

He says he got the idea after seeing similar designated spots in Branson during a trip. He says they are regularly used. When Kennedy told him what happened, he couldn't believe someone would apparently try to destroy the signs. 

"It's very sad especially over the holidays when many veterans are not celebrating with their families they are out serving their country," said Meyer.  "I think that would bother any veteran because you have to ask yourself what did I do and why did I do it when I served my time." 

He says the alley between his realty office and the restaurant is highly traveled on weekends and he hopes someone saw something that can help police. 

"I don't think they're going to get off as easy as what they would think otherwise," said Meyer. 

"I hope that the person is very ashamed of themselves," said Kennedy. "Very!" 

Police ask if you saw anything to report it. They would love to catch whoever is responsible. 

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