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Fighting off sickness during the holidays


Whether it's a cold, sinuses or the flu, there are a lot of bugs going around.

If you haven't gotten sick yet, you're among the few. So, how do you keep that track record or keep from catching something again?

The good news is, even if everyone around you is catching a case of something, you're not doomed to get it, too.

Nurse and Grandmother Jaynee Juneau said she didn't get sick last year and this year she's yet to catch an illness. She said she's just too busy to let the flu or a cold get her down.

So, what's her secret? Along with the typical hygiene rules, she swears by an extra little touch to her morning routine

"Always practice good hand-washing, of course. We always take the flu vaccine and sort of by accident we started using honey last year and we just put it in our morning coffee or tea and we realized last year we didn't get sick,” Juneau said.

Here are a few other things that are certainly worth a shot as you try to avoid getting sick this holiday:

  • Avoid germ hotspots - if you do have to go to a crowded place, use hand sanitizer to help make sure you don't bring cold and flu germs home.
  • Don't spread germs to family and friends - that comes down to washing your hands and keeping your germs to yourself.
  • Be prepared for traveling - use anti-bacterial wipes in the airport or on public transportation.
  • Keep a handle on your holiday stress - stress and lack of sleep can weaken your immune system and make you get sick easier.
  • Get moving - making time for a little exercise even during these busy weeks helps your body fight-off illness.

There are 200 different viruses that are more prevalent during the winter months.

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