Does It Work: Pedi Princess

Does It Work: Pedi Princess

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - If you get a pedicure, you probably wear those flimsy flip flops home, or use toe separators on top of your own shoes.

The Pedi Princess combines those two in one: a sturdy shoe, and toe separators.

The bedazzled flip flops are a sandal and toe separator all in one.

Amanda Daigger works at Eden Spa in Cape Girardeau and said the toe separators can be an important step in the pedi process.

"Toe separators come at the end of the pedicure before we polish, just keeps the toes from overlapping, keeps the polish from messing up, they're usually foam they're usually pretty comfortable," said Daigger.

Daigger and fellow co-worker Amy Hess put the Pedi Princess to the test.

"Is that kind of difficult to get on?" Christy Millweard asked.

"Yeah it is," Daigger replied.

It was a struggle at first.

"Once they get in between the toes, then they're easy to slide on and just pull up in the toes," said Daigger.

But once on, Hess said it felt comfortable and secure.

Daigger painted on the polish.

"Is this something you would leave on if you were running to the grocery store after the salon?" Millweard asked.

"Oh yeah! They're cute" replied Daigger.

"They're very pretty, but I am curious to see how they feel walking in them, because they do such a good job while polishing and separating how good are they walking out in them?" said Hess.

So, Hess put the Pedi Princess to the pavement.

"Yeah they wiggle," said Hess as she walked down the hallway.

The sandals weren't exactly easy to walk in.

"Maybe if I got used to them, if I had my own pair, and I was a regular, yes maybe, it takes some getting used to, maybe a little practice walking," said Hess.

"These move way too much," said Daigger.

"They feel more secure while being polished, but once I get up, they're the opposite," said Hess.

While foam toe separators are inexpensive, these $15 to $20 sandals can be the price of a pedicure.

Overall, our testers gave this Pedi Princess 2 stars.

If you want to buy the Pedi Princess, make sure you get the correct size for your foot.

You can click here to find them online.

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