A Place to Call Home: Chris & Garrett

Chris and Garrett are brothers, and also the best of friends.

"He's the only family I have," said Chris.

They love to do everything together.

The Orange Monkey in Cape Girardeau was the perfect place for them to show off some of that sibling rivalry.

Their competitive nature heated up in this friendly game of Bazooka Ball.

It's a shooting game, a lot like paintball, but with soft balls.

"He got me," said Garrett. "I didn't get him. I want to play it again."

They always want to be together.

"I want us to go together and not to be spread apart from each other," said Garrett.

"We love each other," said Garrett.

Chris is 14 years old, and in the eighth grade this year. He likes math, physical education, and art.

"I like to draw and read, and other stuff like that," said Chris.

Garrett is 10 years old, a fourth grader who really likes school.

"(I like) everything, mostly P.E. because we play Army dodge ball."

He's pretty active and loves sports too, especially the Cardinals.

"That would be my wish" (to go to Busch Stadium someday).

For Christmas this year Garrett would like some Xbox games, and Chris would like a pair of cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.

Most of all, they wish for a new life.

"Family is more important," said Chris.

They're in a group home right now, and say they are really good kids.

"I help around the house," said Chris.

"I'm a good kid, I try to help other people out," said Garrett.

Chris and Garrett are looking for a new start.

"I want to do that today," exclaimed Garrett.

"We want a family who is loving, caring and will give us a place to call home," said Chris.

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