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Looking for a job in December?

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - If you've been looking for a job this year, and are thinking of giving it a rest during the holidays, and starting again with the beginning of the year, that might be the wrong answer.

According to an MIT career development specialist, December might actually be a great time to search for a job.

Here's why now:
  • There's less competition. Just like you were thinking about taking a break from the search for the holidays, so is everyone else. Fewer people are applying for the open jobs. The Missouri Career Center tells us they tend to see a slow down in applications this time of year.
  • That means recruiters can also pay more attention to you and your job search.
  • Even though your pocket book might be thin from buying Christmas gifts, companies can have extra money in their budgets at the end of the year, meaning they're ready to hire, now.
  • And the holidays are always a great time to network, whether at a friend's holiday party, or catching up with family, there are opportunities to meet new people, and find out about new open positions.
If you're looking for your next door to open with a new job, Heartland experts agree it is a good time to apply, but maybe not because of the reasons national experts say.

"Because a lot of companies are starting to gear up for their January 2015, so the sooner you apply, the sooner we can put you through the process," said Tarolyn Johnson, with Manpower, a temporary employment agency in Cape Girardeau.

She said a lot of the industries we have in the Heartland tend to shut down the weeks of Christmas and New Year's, but said they're already looking now, for jobs to start the New Year.

The company said employers in Missouri are expected to hire at a solid pace from now to March.

"I'm happy, I'm excited, I'm graduating in December, and that means there's not a lot of competition out there for me," said Dana Cannon.

Cannon just started filling out applications and updating her resume.

The national information gives her a positive outlook as she steps into the next stage of life.

"I have a better chance of being hired," said Cannon.

Back at Manpower, Johnson said they actually see more applications this time of year for temporary work to get those last minute checks before the holiday shopping.

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