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Williamson Co. sheriff warns residents of 'Jury Duty Scam'


Williamson County Sheriff Bennie Vick is alerting residents to a phone scam in northern and central Illinois that may be coming more south.

He said this "scam" is known as a Jury Duty Scam, and is one of several MoneyPac or Green Dot Card scams.

It involves someone calling a citizen and telling them they missed scheduled jury duty. The caller says that the judge has issued an arrest warrant for the missed jury duty.

According to Sheriff Vick, in cases in the northern part of Illinois, the caller used the name "Captain Allen from the Federal Warrant Division."

The caller also used names of sitting judges in the correct Judicial Circuits.

Sheriff Vick said the caller tells the victim they can avoid arrest for missing this jury duty if they pay a fine immediately. The caller then directs the victim to buy a MoneyPac or Green Dot prepaid credit card to use to pay the fine.

He said he wants residents to know that this not how notice of jury duty is delivered, and that this is not how the arrest warrants are served.

He would also like to remind residents that any telephone call that wants payment using a pre-paid credit card should be considered suspicious.

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