DIW: Chic Buds

DIW: Chic Buds

(KFVS) - How many times do you carefully wrap up your earbuds, only to pull them out of your bag tangled and twisted?

Chic Buds claim to have a tangle free cord, with mega sound.

Plus, they come in a variety of fun designs.

Janice Bunch said she uses earbuds all the time.

"Typically I use my headphones every day, I listen to my music while I'm at work, I also use them while I work out at Fitness plus," said Bunch.

So we had her put them to the test.

"Typically what I would do is listen to Pandora," said Bunch.

At first try, she said the sound was decent, and didn't cut out when the cords moved.

But Bunch said one of her big complaints about her current headphones is how they get tangled easily.

"We have probably 10 pairs around the house that are all in tangles, so what I'm hoping for is a pair of earbuds that I can put in my pocket, put in my purse, just be able to pull out and go, not have to spend 10 minutes untangling and unknotting," said Bunch.

So we let Bunch keep the earbuds in her bag for the rest of the day, and caught up with her at the gym later on.

"When they were in my bag at work, when my bag got tousled around, when I went to pull them out, they were all in a knot," said Bunch.

But Bunch said they did untangle more easily than other earbuds that can get tightly knotted.

Bunch is also hosting a 17-year-old exchange student from Brazil.

We met up with Gabriel Andrade after school so he could give the earbuds a try.

"I use a lot at school, I use to sleep normally, in the house, at home," said Andrade.

But he too says they often get tangled up in his bag.

“It takes a lot of time to take the knots and all that stuff, and it's really frustrating sometimes," said Andrade.

When he took them out of his backpack, they untangled pretty quickly.

Over all, these Chic Buds get 3 stars.

"They're pretty average headphones, I wouldn't put them above or below any others, they weren't what I was expecting and hoped for," said Bunch.

But, if you want a fun design a personality, these might be the choice for you.

We found these ear buds online for about $15.

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