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Breaking myths about our metabolism, fighting holiday weight-gain


‘Tis the season for family, celebrating, gift-giving and, for most of us, eating way too much. However, when it comes time to burn all those calories, you may not be in as much trouble as you thought.

It may be easy to blame that holiday bulge on a slow metabolism, but we have a lot of control over how fast our body burns calories.

Dieticians say the truth about these five metabolism myths could be your ticket to healthier holiday eating.

Myth #1: Skinnier people have a higher metabolism.

"What makes up a person's body weight is really what affects their metabolism the most, so if they have higher percentages of body fat, it's a less metabolically active tissue,” Dietician Raina Childers said.

Myth #2: skipping a meal slows down your metabolism.

Raina Childers says while working through lunch may cause you to eat more later, it doesn't make you burn calories slower.

“If a person were to eat three meals a day, they wouldn't have a slower metabolism per se than a person who divides the same amount of calories into six meals,” Childers said.

Myth #3: Everything eaten late-night turns to fat.

Good news, late night snackers, you're in luck, especially if what you're munching on is healthy.

“If you have a caloric budget of 1500 calories, and you are still finishing up spending those at 8, 9 o'clock at night, that doesn't put you at a metabolic disadvantage,” Childers said.

Myth #4: Metabolism is all about burning calories and breaking things down.

Childers says that's really only part of what your metabolism does.

"You're also building all the time. So you're rebuilding and that's beneficial,” Childers said.

Myth #5: You have no control over your metabolism.

According to Childers, unless you have a medical condition that slows your metabolism, that's a myth too.

"[It] is really about dietary choices and exercise choices that will play a huge role in your own control over metabolism,” Childers said.

Something else you may have heard about your metabolism is that it's good to eat breakfast to get your metabolism started. Well, that's true. Childers says after your body has spent all night breaking down calories, it's time to build it back up with a healthy, balanced breakfast.

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