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Former southeast MO officer accused of slitting man's throat


A former southeast Missouri police officer faces assault charges. He is accused, along with another man, of a violent attack in Fredericktown, Missouri.

Fabian Dion McRaven, 35, served as a Park Hills, Missouri police officer three years ago.

Now, he's accused of slitting a man's throat on December 6 after allegedly trying to get methamphetamine from him.

Authorities say Stacey Aaron Petty, 29, is also facing charges.

According to the probable cause statement, Madison County, Missouri dispatch received a call at 4:55 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 6 in reference to a man on Anthony Street that had his throat slashed.

When they arrived, officers say they determined the initial crime scene was at 300 East Marvin in Fredericktown, Missouri.

The say the victim, Randy Buesking, had been assaulted by two men and one of them was McRaven.

In the probable cause statement, it says Buesking told officers that McRaven and another man known only at the time as "Stacey" showed up at his back door trying to get inside.

Buesking said he opened the door for them and invited them inside. Once inside, he said they went to the living room where Buesking sat down on the floor and McRaven and "Stacey" sat on the couch.

"Stacey" allegedly asked Buesking for some meth and Buesking said that he didn't have any to give him.

Buesking then said that "Stacey" and McRaven then tried to talk him into going to Centerville, Mo. with them, but he declined to go.

Buesking told officers that he didn't know why they wanted him to go to Centerville with them at that time.

"Stacey" then allegedly said to McRaven, "I guess we're going to have to kill him."

Buesking then allegedly picked up a folding knife, handed it to "Stacey" and said, "Here you go."

"Stacey" allegedly opened the knife, put it to Buesking's neck, looked him in the face and said, "You know I'm f***** crazy, don't you?"

At that time, "Stacey" allegedly slit Buesking's neck starting from the lower left side of the neck, up towards the right ear. It was a length of about four inches, ending below his right jaw.

In the probable cause statement, it said Buesking tried to get up off of the floor where he had been sitting, but at that time McRaven and "Stacey" allegedly jumped on him.

Buesking was able to free himself and run down the inside staircase, breaking the banister in an attempt to get away and notify his stepfather.

When he broke the banister, it woke his girlfriend up. She then walked out of the bedroom and allegedly saw McRaven standing at the top of the inside staircase.

She also allegedly saw "Stacey" standing in the kitchen, allegedly telling McRaven, "Come on man, we gotta go."

Buesking then went to wake up his stepfather.

His stepfather said in the probable cause statement that he had heard the noise of Buesking coming down the stairs.

He said that his stepson, Buesking, came into his room, holding his bleeding and said they are trying to kill me and they have my girlfriend upstairs.

The stepfather then allegedly grabbed his shotgun and went to the bottom of the steps.

He said he yelled to Buesking's girlfriend and she responded that she was ok.

The stepfather said McRaven stuck his head over the bannister and said, "he's not up here."

He said he went into the kitchen and set his shotgun on the kitchen table and walked out on the back porch.

He said he saw McRaven and another man jumping into McRaven's truck and leaving the home quickly.

The victim, Buesking, was taken to an area hospital where he was treated and released.

According to the probable cause statement, authorities were able to determine "Stacey" was actually Stacey Petty.

Both McRaven and Petty are in the Madison County Jail.

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