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Illinois ranks last as worst-run state


What are the worst-managed states in the U.S.?

These numbers come from a survey by "24/7 Wall Street," a financial news and opinion company.

The survey says Illinois is the country's worst run state.

Kentucky and Missouri aren't too far behind.

Tennessee ranks highest among Heartland states at number 23.

The survey ranks all 50 states by looking at poverty rates and unemployment, among other factors.

The way Illinois' finances are managed is the root of Illinois' problems, according to an article from "USA Today."

But there are a lot of factors that contribute to Illinois ranking as dead last.

While each state is different, states at both ends of the list share certain characteristics.

For example, according to the article, Illinois has lower standards of living.

Violent crime rates and the number of people living in poverty are higher in Illinois.

The state also has a high unemployment rate and its funding of pension plans is the worst in the country.

Some factors are out of our control, but experts say we have the power to change others.

“We should insist that our legislators and our governor make sure there is enough money to pay for the services we demand,” says Charles Leonard with the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute.

“And the last gubernatorial campaign, a lot of people were not honest about what it costs to run state government and we should be honest about whether we want to be able to fund the things we say we need in government,” he says.

Like many other low-ranked states, more people left Illinois than moved there.

Median home values fell by more than 16 percent between 2009 and 2013, the second largest drop nationwide.

This year, North Dakota ranks as the best-run state in the country for the third consecutive year, while Illinois replaced California.

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