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Record high households on food stamps in Illinois

ILLINOIS (KFVS) - Nationally, more than 47 million Americans receive food stamps.

The number of Illinoisans becoming dependent on the program has reached an all time high.

New data released by the Illinois Department of Human Services shows more than 7,000 Illinois households enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in October, making it the fifth highest count in Illinois history.

Decades of truck driving took a toll on Nathaniel Delaney's body.

"Sitting, standing, in and out of trailers," describes Delaney.

Unable to work, he relies on food stamps to pay for groceries.

"Some days you eat well, some days you do not eat when you would like to eat," he says.

Delaney is part of an increasing number of people dependants on the government for food.

The total number of Illinoisans on food stamps grew by more than 9,000 in October; reaching a new 2014 high, making these numbers the fifth-highest count in Illinois history.

With 15 percent of all Illinois residents enrolled in the program, the land of Lincoln sits in second for the highest total enrollees in the Midwest.

It's a sad reality Delaney isn't surprised to hear.

"They just need the help, you know, it's more and more people that's down to where they got to go for help," says Delaney.

Illinois is second to Michigan when it comes to the percentage of households on food stamps.

However, Michigan food-stamp enrollment has declined by in the last year, while Illinois enrollment has increased by 16,000.

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