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Poplar Bluff pastor preaches peace for Ferguson

Dr. Ron Webb preaches in Ferguson alongside Bishop Larry Jones, pastor of Greater Grace Church. Dr. Ron Webb preaches in Ferguson alongside Bishop Larry Jones, pastor of Greater Grace Church.

With all the violence in Ferguson, Poplar Bluff pastor Ron Webb believes an open dialogue is the solution.

Webb has been to Ferguson six times since the Michael Brown shooting first spurred riots there.

Webb says there's a lot of anger there, but the he says the problem is that there is very little open dialogue about why people are so angry.

Whether you're in favor of the grand jury's decision or angered by it, Webb says nothing can be accomplished through looting, burning police cars or threatening innocent people.

"Whether he's guilty, whether he's innocent there's a right way to handle it and violence is not the answer to it because it only creates a greater divide and we don't need a greater divide," Webb said.

Webb says we've come a long ways in race relations and equality.

However, it's incidents like the one in Ferguson that highlight a division among people and races that is still very prevalent in today's world.

"We only have a scab on the sore and anytime that's bumped or hit it opens it up all over again and so it's still prevalent but maybe in a sophisticated manner," Webb said. "...It's sad because it's an issue that's not going to go away until it's addressed. But you have to address it properly."

Webb says the proper way to tackle what has been going on is ot have an open dialogue, where all sides can calmly discuss how they feel.

"When these issues come up, why is there such a rage?" Webb asked. "Someone needs to ask those questions. Why is that people are so angry? And if you've never walked in another man's shoes then you don't understand how those shoes feel. So I believe we need to come to the table and say here's the problem let's deal with it, now."

Webb goes on to say that not every incident is the result of race issues.

In many cases, he says it's a character issue.

"You can put a color on character because there is bad in every color or every culture," Webb said.

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