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Tips for securing your home when you’re away this holiday season


Going out-of-town for the holiday weekend? Before you head out, don't forget to secure your home.

Police say, unfortunately, thefts and break-ins go up this time of year, but there are some things we can all do to help make sure we don't become a victim.

Whether it's a week or just a few days, when you leave your home empty, you want to make sure everything's okay.

“It's always good to know that everything is safe when you're leaving the house," said Darren Harris. "We had our dogs kenneled so there's no one at the house, obviously. It's good to have it protected and taken care of.”

Police say when you leave for the holidays, that's especially important.

“Holiday season is kind of where we start seeing sometimes an influx of thefts because there is more stuff in somebody's home,” Corporal Darin Hickey said.

Corporal Hickey says lighting the areas around your home with motion sensors and setting inside lights on timers helps detour thieves, but be smart about it.

“If somebody is paying attention and a criminal wants to get in, he may be watching your house. So, if the light comes on at exactly the same time every day, all the time, then it becomes pretty obvious,” Hickey said.

Other technology helps, too, from security systems and alarms to cameras. However, Corporal Hickey agrees that having someone personally check your home is best.

“The neighbors watch out,” Teresa South said.

“We made sure all the neighbors knew we were leaving,” Darren Harris said.

“We live in a cul de sac, so they make sure and keep an eye out that nobody is hanging around,” Becky Harris said.

Corporal Hickey says what you do to secure your home also depends on how long you're going to be gone. Another thing some people say they do is leave a radio or TV on to make it sound like someone is home as well.

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