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Black Friday Shopping? Check out these need-to-know safety tips


The countdown is on for black Friday shopping, but when you're tracking down those good deals, it's also important to be keeping track of your personal safety.

We all love a good deal, but there's no deal worth compromising your safety.

Police say thefts are on the rise during the busy shopping season, here's how to make sure you don't fall victim.

When you're cashing in on holiday sale, there's one thing, experts say, you don't want to discount.

“Really be aware of what's going on around you,” Sarah Gunther-Jackson at Sephora said.

Gunther-Jackson says personal safety should be at the top of our shopping lists.

“No deal is worth getting hurt over,” Gunther-Jackson said.

Shoppers agree, while black Friday is exciting, thinking smartly about safety makes it even better.

“I love all the deals, I love the crowds,” shopper Megan Murray said. “You're always worried about theft and especially on black Friday. You want to make sure with all the crowds you want to make sure you keep your personal items close to you.”

Murray says carrying a cross body purse with a zipper and a fold keeps her wallet tucked deep inside.

“It's really hard for anyone to get to,” Murray said.

Other shoppers have the same idea.

“I always try to watch my purse and keep it zipped up and try to watch who is around me,” Donna Davis said.

Store workers say it's not only purses that can be easily snatched in a crowd, but also shopping bags.

“You don't want to set things down in fitting rooms, you don't want to set things down when you're looking at tables because even unintentionally people can pick up a bag and it can kind of disappear,” Gunther-Jackson said.

She says if you're having trouble keeping up with them, ask the clerk to put them behind the counter, or get a bigger bag to consolidate.

“And if you get to the point to where you're going to be setting them down, just take a quick trip out to your car, put it maybe the truck versus the backseat,” Gunther-Jackson said.

Police say shopping season, unfortunately can also mean stealing season. That's why it's important to be aware.

“Take a look around you and see who is watching and don't leave high value items in your car,” Captain James McMillen with Sikeston DPS said.

McMillen says shop in groups and plan ahead.

“There's lots of money changing hands on this day. People would probably be wise to bring credit cards instead of cash on this day,” McMillen said.

But it's not only shoppers who are at greater risk of theft on black Friday.

“We keep someone in every zone to be watching for that,” Sikeston Bass Outlet Manager Micah Parker said.

Parker says when the crowds get bigger, so does shoplifting.

“We actually hire extra people on,” Parker said.

Those aren't the only measures retailers have in place to help keep a handle on theft.

“We have cameras inside the stores, of course. We do have external cameras that are watching whenever you walk out of the stores so if there is something extra going along with you that didn't pay for, we will see that, so our eyes are on you,” Sikeston Outlet Stores Marketing Director Kyla Evans said.

So whether you're joining the race Friday morning, or waiting for the lull after black Friday, remember these shopping safety tips and have fun.

“Going out and shopping, it really gets you excited for that Christmas season,” Murray said.

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