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Everyday Hero: Dr. Tiffany Brey

 SCOTT CITY, MO (KFVS) - When she's not cracking backs, Dr. Tiffany Brey is cracking smiles.

Her joy for life and work is contagious.

Whether you're laying down on her chiropractic table or interacting at a charity event, this Everyday Hero's daily affirmation to love, give, serve is a lesson to us all.

“I want them to feel at home and I want them to know they're in a place where they can be helped," said Everyday Hero Dr. Tiffany Brey.

It's hard not to feel at home walking into Dixon Chiropractic in Scott City.

The walls are covered with pictures of happy patients.

The happiest face of them all, the one doing the adjusting.

“Pretty much every patient that leaves when they walk out the door I tell them I love you. Because that's just how I am and how I run my office. Some of my older patients if they don't get a hug before they walk out the door I'm in trouble," said Dr. Brey.

The helping doesn't stop when Dr. Tiffany Brey, better known by Tiff, leaves the office.

Originally from Cairo, IL, Tiff is active all around town to get her business out and make friends.

"When I'm around her it makes me inspired,"said Janelle McCrite. "I want to go out and do something good for someone because I see her doing it. And she's just wonderful. I think, if she can make that much difference just one person. How many people could make a huge difference doing the same thing she does.”

Tiff makes a difference in many ways.

She's secretary of the Scott City Chamber of Commerce.

A member of the Scott City Women's Club.

And co-director of the Angel's Pageant, a program for children with disabilities.

“The first year I actually got to stand out on stage and watch and just to see the faces on the kids. Not any kid in particular, but all of them. And there's a picture of one girl when they announced her title. Like ahhh. She did that and it was absolutely precious," Dr. Brey said.

She took her chiropractic skills to Joplin after the devastating tornado.

Giving adjustments---an uplifting message---and healing hearts along the way.

“It's all about being connected to the source," said Dr. Brey. "So everything your body does comes from a signal from your brain down your spinal cord and out all the nerves. So if there's any interference or pressure from your spinal bones on your spinal cord and your nerves. The end result, it gets a little irritated and it can cause things to not function like they should.”

She stays connected to a source of a higher power.

As her white board reads, “The power that made the body, heals the body. I move the bone, God does the healing.”

“I live my life, and my bracelet says it too. Love, give, serve. And that's just what I want to do. Love, give, serve out of your abundance and that doesn't necessarily have to be money. It can be time or energy. Just to help those around you. And it doesn't have to be big things. It can just be little things," Dr. Brey said.

Through all these little things, and her ever present glowing smile, Tiff lives the words she holds so dearly.

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