Toy Testers: 3rd grade students in Du Quoin

Toy Testers: 3rd grade students in Du Quoin
Hot Wheels Remote Control Flying Car
Hot Wheels Remote Control Flying Car
Simon Swipe game
Simon Swipe game

DU QUOIN, IL (KFVS) - We wrap up our toy tester series with third grade students in Du Quoin, Illinois.

During their after school program, they put a few toys to the test: the new Simon Swipe game, the Charmazing bracelet kit and the Hot Wheels Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car.

First we're testing out the Simon Swipe game.

It's an updated version of the age old game "Simon Says."

"I really liked it," said Keira Gibbs.

"Listen to it first, and then we just pushed where it said," said Madison Lacey.

These testers say they like that the game is complicated and required them to use their brains.

They also like that it's made for everyone.

"Most of the games are for like one girl, and other games are for the boys and it's cool because it's for both the boys and girls," said Gibbs.

"I think they really liked to see if they could follow directions to see if they can get it," said teacher Erin Cook.

This modern $20 Simon Swipe game got 4 stars.

Next, we tried our hand at jewelry making with the Charmazing bracelet kit.

"I thought it was really cool," said Kristina Gossman.

"It can be unique," said Ginny Williams.

While the girls say the bracelet maker was charming, it wasn't exactly easy.

"It's hard," said Williams. "Because the string is hard to get on and it doesn't have enough instructions."

"I think you need more instructions so it's kind of hard, so it's not the best toy," said Gossman.

"If you don't have time to sit down with your kid to not buy the bracelet kit maybe because it does need adult supervision," said Cook.

The girls also say there are a lot of little pieces which could pose a problem.

"If you make messes really easy this would not be a good toy for you," said Williams.

This $25 Charmazing Bracelet Kit got an average of 2.5 stars.

Finally, we tested out the Hot Wheels Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car.

It claims to be able to drive on the ground, and take off into the air.

"It's good since you can fly it around and you can drive it everywhere," said Rylan Lively.

But these testers say while the driving part is easy, the flying part is not.

"When you try to maneuver it, it's not really easy, it's hard," said Mikah Raysby.

But once they got the hang of it, these third grade boys say they were in the fast lane to fun.

"Since the thing is awesome looking and it flies far, far, far," said Lively.

Teacher Erin Cook has a tip for parents before buying this flying car.

"Make sure you have a big open area that they could play with," said Cook.

Over all this $50 Hot Wheels Street Hawk remote control flying car got 4 stars.

"Would you ask for this toy for Christmas?"

"I already did!" said Raysby.

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