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Victim speaks out after kidnapping incident by former alderman

Ronald Nolan Ronald Nolan
A former Murphysboro city council member convicted of kidnapping and criminal sexual abuse will spend the next 5 years behind bars.

Ronald Nolan worked as a Murphysboro city alderman, and was a respected church member in town.

It is a story that stunned those who knew him.

More is being learned about what happened from the victim.

The victim, who doesn't want her name known, says she is relieved to know that the man who kidnapped her is finally behind bars.

The hour or so she spent trapped inside his car is something she hopes to forget.

The victim says she was walking home alone when Nolan pulled up alongside her.

She says he seemed concerned about her safety, and offered her a ride and she willingly got in.

It was only a minute later that she says she realized she made a mistake.

For over an hour, Nolan drove around Carbondale, Illinois instead of to her apartment.

In her words, he spoke about religion but "in a crazy person kind of way."

The victim claims he touched her and forced her to kiss him, threatening that she would never make it home if she didn't.

She thought about jumping out but couldn't because Nolan had rigged the lock.

The victim says he finally agreed to let her out if she went into a gas station to get $300 for him.

That's when she told an employee there to call police.

She went on to say that she was okay following the ordeal.

It wasn't until after Ronald Nolan was convicted earlier this week that city leaders were able to remove him from his position as alderman.

He had refused to step down during his time in court.

He was being held at the Jackson County Jail.

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