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At 93 years old, Herrin resident kills deer


"You're only as old as you feel” is a quote that 93-year-old Bruno Delai is living by. 

And for him, standing still is not an option. “Have fun, you know," Delai said.

Bruno Delai has been a Herrin resident for nearly his entire life and one of his main hobbies is hunting.

“I've hunted every year since the season has been open, since '57,” Delai said.

Earlier this November, Delai killed a deer with a cross bow, one that he's had for the past four years.

“I was taken to my stand and at about 5:00 and this deer showed up on my blind side and I was looking this way and she came up this way," he said. "And so she was 15 feet from me, and so I shot her.”

Delai says he and his friends go hunting every season and it's always a good time.

“I've had a lot of fun, we've had a bunch of guys together and hunted every year together and it's been great," he said

Delai says at the end of the day, he feels healthy and wants to continue to do the things he loves as long as he can.

“I don't feel old really, I don't hurt," Delai said. "You know, I feel good, I go. You're only as old as you feel, yeah. And I feel good.”

Bruno says his advice to everyone is to enjoy life and take it day by day. 

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