Does It Work: Ruggies

Does It Work: Ruggies

(KFVS) - If you have company over for a Thanksgiving celebration, you know how frustrating it can be to have your rugs and mats shift and slide across the floor as people walk around.

But, the Ruggies claim to keep those rugs in place.

"It slides so easily to have to come back and put it where you want it is annoying, so hopefully it just keeps it in one little place," said Sarah Pyeatte.

You've seen the problem, rugs and mats slipping and sliding across your wood, tile or linoleum floor.

"I think it would be very easy to slip, running down these halls, slip, nieces, nephews, coming over, so it would just be really nice for it to stay in one place," said Pyeatte.

Ruggies claim to help that problem.

They say: Press and stick so rugs don't slip.

Sarah Pyeatte helped us put these rug stoppers to the test.

"Place carpet or throw rug in desired place on floor," said Pyeatte as she read the directions.

First, we took the plastic off both sides of the Ruggie.

She put one side on the bottom of the rug, then flipped it over onto the floor.

Pyeatte did that on all four corners.

"Do you feel like that's sticking to the rug?" Christy Millweard asked.

"I don't, when I pull up see it kind of comes up with my fingers," said Pyeatte.

She didn't feel like the gel like texture was sticking very well, but she tried walking on and kick the rug to give it a test.

The Ruggies stuck to the floor, but not to the rug.

Then we tried adding the additional adhesive triangles that came in the box.

The directions say they may be needed depending on the texture of the rug and floor surface.

Again, Pyeatte did that to all four corners of the rug.

"It doesn't move, I'm never standing here like trying to get it to move, it's just by walking, everyday walking, but that works pretty good," said Pyeatte.

This time it seemed to stick.

"I'm like actually really kicking it and it's not going anywhere I think these extra little stickies that came along with it, kind of helped," said Pyeatte.

We also tried the Ruggies with a bathroom mat on tile.

This time we didn't need the extra adhesives, because the gel like Ruggies stuck to the texture of the bathroom mat.

Overall, Pyeatte gave the Ruggies 4 stars.

We found the Ruggies online.

We got two packages of eight for $10.

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