Toy Testers: Doc McStuffins, Scorpion Blaster, DigiBirds

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - We continue our toy tester series with second graders in Murphysboro.

These little testers helped us try out the Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic, the Dart Zone Covert Ops Scorpion Blaster and the singing DigiBirds.

The Dart Zone Covert Ops Scorpion Blaster claims to shoot 20 superdarts more than 70 feet.

So our second graders put it to the test.

"It's pretty good," said Oliver Kartje.

"It gets boys' attention because they really like stuff like this," said Zekiah Brown.

Teacher Andrew Winters said this was the most popular toy among all the kids, but it does have a few shortfalls.

"You don't really hold it here because if you put your hand here you can get your fingers stuck and get hurt," said Kartje.

And the tops of the bullets fell off, the class had to tape them back together.

This $20 toy gun gets four stars because even though it's fun, it didn't hold up in the danger zone of playtime.

Next, we tried out the singing DigiBirds.

"I think it was really cool because the birds was singing and you get to whistle in there," said Airanna Gaston.

While the birds sang a sweet song, it took awhile to figure out how to get them to work.

"It was too hard at first, but it got more easier when we tried it," said Gaton.

"It took us the longest to figure out the DigiBirds and how to use them and how they work, that was the one toy we had to get the directions out and read the directions," said Winters.

These $30 singing DigiBirds got a rating to the tune of three stars.

Finally, our second grade girls gave the Doc McStuffins mobile clinic a try.

"It was fun because the siren," said Gabby Davis.

These testers tell me it was a fun toy to play with both by themselves or with a group.

"It's very fun and you can play with anybody," said Daivs.

But they said they wish it came with the characters like Doc McStuffins or Lambie.

Overall though, these testers say the make-believe ambulance was worth their time.

"It's cool how all the things come with it, and stickers and stuff,” said Genoa Mccarrol

"It's fun and it's creative," said Daivs.

They give this $45 Doc McStuffins mobile clinic five stars.

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