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Dog survives being shot with hunter's arrow

OLIVE BRANCH, IL (KFVS) - An Alexander County, Illinois woman is searching for answers after her dog was nearly killed after being shot by a hunter's arrow.

Julie Thrower's two-year-old Labrador/Pit Bull mix, Sandy, was shot with a hunter's arrow in late October.

"I am very disheartened that some one would stoop that low," Thrower said.

Thrower said she walked outside her rural Alexander County home to find her young dog laying in a pool of blood.

Thrower said she initially thought her dog had got into a fight with a coyote.

After immediately taking her dog to the vet, an x-ray showed that an arrow, more than 6 inches long, was buried inside the dog's back.

The arrow entered into the dog's neck and ran parallel across its back, according to Doctor Anthony Ulrich, the Veterinarian who's office handled the case.

Thrower said she thinks a hunter purposefully attacked her dog.

"There is no reason for a person to do that to an animal," Thrower said.

Ulrich said this is the third dog this year that came in to his office that had been shot by an arrow.

Ulrich said one of the dogs has died.

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