Toy Testers: "Frozen" doll, Wubble Bubble ball, Kinetic sand

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - If you're gearing up for your holiday shopping and your kids are making their list for Santa, how do you know if those toys they want are worth the money?

To test these toys we went to Cairo we went to Ms. Nelson's second grade class.

We tested the Kinetic sand, the Wubble Bubble ball, and the Elsa doll from you guessed it, the movie "Frozen."

The students put them to the test and tell us if they're worth it.

It's one of the hottest movies of the year, well technically maybe the coldest, Disney's "Frozen."

We got an Elsa doll, which may be on lots of your little one's lists.

"It was pretty, and the dress looks pretty," said Sarah Busby.

These Cairo second grade girls enjoyed brushing the doll's hair.

But the girls say they love the movie "Frozen" because of all the singing, so they wish the doll would do something more than just look pretty.

Sarah Busby thinks she would eventually get bored.

This "Frozen" Elsa doll gets three stars, because even though it was fun for awhile, when it comes to this toy, these testers were okay to "let it go."

Next, we tried out the Wubble Bubble ball.

It claims to blow up to three feet and looks like a bubble, but plays like a ball that won't pop.

We followed the directions in the box, but right off the bat we struggled to get the piece in the bubble to inflate it.

We tried hooking the pump, but we still couldn't get it to blow up.

Even teacher Ms. Nelson tried to help.

"I couldn't do it, a teacher across the hall couldn't do it, a fifth grade student couldn't do it," said Nelson.

The directions even said to try adding cooking oil to help, but still it didn't work.

Finally we had to enlist the school's maintenance crew to help.

As it started to inflate, the students cheered.

But, after we left the toy with the students for a couple weeks, Ms. Nelson said it kept deflating over time.

"Only problem with the Wubble Bubble is that we couldn't keep it inflated," said Nelson.

But, once the ball was inflated the kids had a blast playing with it.

So overall, this Wubble Bubble got three stars.

Finally, we took our testing skills to the Kinetic sand.

It claims to be like sand, but never dry out.

The kids said it felt squishy as they packed the Kinetic sand into the sand castle and seahorse molds.

"It's really cool for all of us to play with," said Brandon Moore.

"I like it because it's squishy, you can make different things out of it," said Aashe Ellis.

They say they wish there were shapes to play with, but still had fun.

"It would be a really good gift for kids, if a kid gets this they would be lucky," said Mckenlee Pirtle.

There's just one downfall.

"It's awesome but it gets on the floor and its messy," said Toree Purchase.

This $20 Kinetic sand gets five stars.

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