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Connecticut native trying to make Heartland schools safer

The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting hit home with all of us as we watched the events of that day unfold.

One Heartland man was on scene after it happened and is now trying to do what he can to make schools even safer.

Cory Anderson went to Newtown to offer his assistance as a chaplain to the first responders and families. It turns out this brother was one of the lead investigators on the case and he learned some things that he hopes will help other schools.

Anderson worked with Ruth Ann Orr, the principal at Alma Schrader elementary in Cape Girardeau, to develop a simple way he feels will help keep your kids safe.

"I never want there to be that little thing again," Anderson said. "I never want someone to have to experience the things I saw and watching the families come and go and watching the funeral processions pass by."

Here's how it works. Schools are advised to have the doors locked at all times. A magnet goes in front of the door jam. If an intruder or someone suspicious is in the building, you just pull it out so it locks the door.

"One of the things we learned about was the door locks and how that progressed, how it could be made and how it could be made safer," Orr said.

Many teachers say they use magnets that are easily removed, but prevent the door latch from engaging in the hole.

Orr said the problem with this is, in the event of an active shooter, the magnets are not uniform, are not always reachable by students and some require the door to be opened to remove the magnet.

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