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Teacher inspires students, gains Hollywood interest with time travel book

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - We saw Hollywood come to Cape Girardeau with "Gone Girl," now, it turns out a Cape Girardeau author and teacher's work may be on the way to Hollywood.

"Paradigm Rift" just hit the top 25 on Amazon. It's the first in the Back to Normal book series by Randy McWilson, a teacher at the Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center. 

However, it's already transformed into a movie trailer worked on by locals, including his students - inspiring them and grabbing the attention of Hollywood producers.

McWilson explained the idea came to him for a time travel series after a friend described a dream he'd had more than four years ago. 

"A gentleman falls asleep on the couch in our time and wakes up in the late 1940s and has no idea how he got there," explained McWilson.

"It takes a look at time travel it such a way that it takes on the questions surrounding the Cold War, Roswell, and Area 51," he said. "It has all these really compelling elements but it's the characters that are really interesting. It's all about what if that time wasn't about nuclear arms but about time travel."

Characters are on a quest: all trying to get back to normal. Normal lives and Normal, Illinois. 

There's also discussion for a TV series beyond the film.

McWilson quickly gained interest and signed with manager Tom Klaussen, known for work with Raquel Welch and Al Pacino. 

"It's like 'Back to the Future' meets 'Lost,'" said Klaussen. "It's an amazing piece of work." 

"For an unknown writer to get representation in Hollywood it's rare," said McWilson. 

Devin Winter is one of many students who can't get enough of the book and the storyline. He's watched it come together for the past four years.

"It's a big sense of pride for me to know I helped with that," said student Devin. "It's pretty incredible to watch your teacher going forth and doing what he says you can do.

For McWilson, as a writer, seeing his students on fire with passion to pursue their dreams is the only thing greater than watching his work of fiction jump into reality.

"As a creative person there's no greater joy there's no greater joy this is what we live for," he said.

Time will tell what's next, currently film studios are looking at the trailer; and the book, "Paradigm Rift," has already broken into the top 25 on Amazon. 

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