Does It Work: iGrill meat thermometer

Does It Work: iGrill meat thermometer

(KFVS) - Are you starting make your grocery list for Thanksgiving next week?

Most likely, turkey is on that list and most likely you'll use a meat thermometer.

Christy Millweard puts the high tech iGrill meat thermometer to the test.

"People tell you to rub it in, but you're not really supposed to rub it, you should press it in," said David Eftink with Smokin Brothers.

Eftink is a grill master and is helping us test out the iGrill meat thermometer.

"It's an amazing concept and it's the next level that you're going to," said Eftink.

Right now he uses an instant thermometer, but is intrigued by this new product.

"The nice thing about a meat thermometer like this is you can be away from the grill you can actually be inside watching the football game while you're quote barbequing," said Eftink.

He wonders how it will work.

"I'm curious how far you can be away if it's on the app and it's through satellite, I'm guessing you don't have to be anywhere close," said Eftink.

"Click install."

Eftink put the iGrill app on his phone.

We plugged the two probes provided into the base.

You do have the option of plugging in four probes, so you can get the temperature for four different kinds of meat.

We went outside to put the pork loin and chicken on the grill.

Eftink poked the probes into the meat.

Yellow into the pork, and red into the chicken.

You can then see the colors match the readings on the app.

"So the pork loin is already at 65 degrees and the chicken is 50 degrees," said Eftink.

We tested the temperature with an instant thermometer to make sure the reading was accurate.

Now it was time to let it cook.

A few hours later we checked on the food.

"From the time we put the meat on, and put the temperature probe in there, I literally just stayed inside," said Eftink. "I didn't have to come out in the cold whatsoever."

Eftink said he appreciates the small details like the rubber on the probe to prevent from burning his fingers.

We took the food off the grill, and went inside to see what Eftink thought of the iGrill.

"With my insta read it's quick, you just have to open the lid and just poke it and within 3 seconds you'll have an answer, but you've got to leave what you're doing and go out there," said Eftink. "So this is perfect, you can put it in, get the app on your phone and it's so easy to work with even I can do it."

The iPhone app even charts the temperature over time, so you can see a spike or drop in temperature.

"You can set an alarm on here, they've got a timer on here, I don't think they've left anything out," said Eftink.

Overall Eftink said the iGrill is user friendly and helpful, so he gives it 4.5 stars.

The iGrill costs $99. It comes with the base and two probes, and the app is free.

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