Toy Testers: Second grade toys

Toy Testers: Second grade

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO (KFVS) - For this toy test we went to Ms. Wells second grade class in Caruthersville.

We tested out the Holiday Elf Popper toy, the Play Dohvinci, and the Zero Gravity Laser Racer Car that claims to drive on the walls.

But do the toys work?

The first toy we put to the test has a holiday theme, the Holiday Elf Popper.

The kids seemed to get the hang of shooting the ball.

"I like this toy because it went far and fast,” said Evan Johnson.

But they also agreed they wanted it to be a little more spirited.

"Maybe make it a little bigger, where you can fire all of them at the same time,” said Shea Barnett.

A few of the students said it can be difficult if you don't use the technique from Santa's workshop.

"When you get the ball and push it in too far, when you squeeze it in there it doesn't get air, and go out," said Barnett.

Overall the kids gave this $10 Holiday Elf Popper four stars.

Next, we tested the Zero Gravity Laser Racer car.

It was the toy the kids were most excited about.

"I thought it was pretty cool," said Ryan Guest.

"I liked it because it can climb on walls, the floor, it can climb on windows," said Colton Roberts.

While the kids enjoyed it, we found the car worked better on the flat surface smartboard than the cinder block walls.

"They really enjoyed the car and remote control,” said teacher Renee Wells. “All of them, the boys and the girls."

The second graders gave the $40 toy car five stars.

"Because it can climb walls, but real cars can't," said Roberts.

Finally, we put the Play Dohvinci to the test.

With this toy you can use your creative side, designing artwork out of Play-Doh and putting them on the cardboard canvases.

If you mess up, wipe it off. If you love it, you can let it air dry for a permanent design.

"You can make anything out of it, names, animals," said Mason Dorris.

The kids said they liked the color creations, but the Play-Doh product ran out quickly.

"There wasn't much stuff to use," said another tester.

"I guess we stopped playing with it," said Dorris.

They testers said it also got pretty messy.

"It kind of gets sticky and it won't come off."

This $20 Play Dohvinci gets four stars.

"The ladies pretty much enjoyed the Play Dohvinci more than the guys, the guys took the Play-Doh and rolled the balls, and the ladies designed their names and animals and stuff," said Wells.

You can buy a refill pack for the Play Dohvinci for about $10.

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