Toy Testers: First grade toys

Toy Testers: First grade toys

NEW MADRID, MO (KFVS) - It's that time of year: put the toys to the test.

We enlisted local school children to try out this years' newest toys to see if they're really worth it.

We put our first toys to the test in New Madrid with Ms. Pfeffer's first grade class.

The kids were eager to try out the “Squeeze Popper Huggable Stuffed Lion,” “the air storm firetek bow and arrow, and the "My very own gourmet kitchen.”

First, we tried the Squeeze Popper Huggable stuffed lion.

The kids put the ball in the little lion's mouth.

"Can I squeeze it?” said student Parker Laws.

First time was a success, but the next few times weren't so easy.

"Here I'll help you, this is how you've got to do it, watch," said one student.

"Let me try,” said another.

"Something's wrong with it," said a third student.

Our testers were squeezing with all their might.

Until finally they were able to get the ball loose, and it shot across the floor.

They tried to figure out the best way to put the ball in, and the best way to shoot it out.

"It's hard I can't shoot it,” said one student.

After a team effort, and a lot of tries, finally one student got the ball to pop out.

While it may be difficult to get the hang of it, our testers gave this huggable lion a positive review.

"It's a good toy and I like to play with it," said Thomarious Betts.

"When you shoot it, it's fun," said Parker Laws.

Teacher Carmen Pfeffer said compared to the other toys, they weren't so excited about this one.

"I think it was a little bit for the younger kids, you had to be really careful and not push the ball in too far, or it wouldn't pop out,” said Pfeffer.

This $15 huggable popper gets four stars.

The next toy didn't need much introduction.

The Air Storm Firetek Bow is on multiple hot holiday toy lists.

The kids were excited to open it up and try it out.

It took us a minute to figure out how to load the arrows.

"I think you hold this part actually to pull it back,” said Christy Millweard to the students.

But our testers were up for the task.

Tester after tester took aim....sometimes a little high, sometimes a little short, but once they figured it out, it was a score.

"I liked it," said Joebeth Riley.

"We liked shooting it," said Q Daniels.

"Their favorite was the bow and arrow, both the girls and boys liked it, it is an outside toy though," said Pfeffer.

"I think the bow and arrow was probably the most popular one, they loved it," said Assistant Teacher Lauren Harrison.

These sharp shooters gave this $25 Firetek bow five stars.

Our last toy seemed to be the most self-explanatory: My Very Own Gourmet Kitchen.

The girls took right to the toy, cooking and baking away.

The testers said they got creative playing restaurant and taking orders on the pretend cell phone.

Overall, the girls say they were able to cook up fun with this kitchen.

"I like it, it's fun to play with," said Jordan Maltbia.

"It was really fun and I would like to have it as a Christmas gift," said Heidi Jimerson.

But Harrison said it might not be for everyone.

"The girls loved the kitchen, the boys didn't like the kitchen," said Harrison.

And Pfeffer said there might be a drawback.

"It was a little unstable, you could kind of see when they pushed it, it was moving around a little," said Pfeffer.

Overall, this $20 pretend kitchen toy got four stars.

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