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Stray bullet strikes car, narrowly misses Bollinger County family


A Bollinger County family is looking for answers after a bullet hits their car, and narrowly misses a mother and her teenager at the wheel.

Margie Ezell says she and her son, Asa, were headed east on Highway 34 towards Marble Hill around 7 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 13.

They were about 16 miles from town when a bullet came flying at them.

"I reached over to turn the thermostat up in the car and there was this big loud pop and glass was all over the place," Asa said.

The Bollinger County Sheriff's Department is investigating the incident.

There are currently no suspects, however, Margie assumes it was a hunter since the bullet came from a high powered rifle.

Margie says they got lucky.

"I lost a son seven years ago to a horrible accident and after I found out it was a bullet and how close it came to my son, it was a very scary moment for me when I realized if Asa had just leaned forward over the steering column, I don't know what would've happened," Margie said.

That is why she wants to remind everyone to be careful when Missouri's firearm deer season opens on Saturday.

She is asking that hunters take a few extra moments this season to be aware of where they're shooting and whether a road might be ahead of them.

"Those guns, it's a big responsibility and if you're going to hunt with them then you always need to be aware of what direction you're shooting, what's ahead of you," Margie said. "Is there a highway ahead of you? Because somebody next time might not be so lucky and it would be a shame to give away a human life for a deer."

The Ezell family is hoping someone will take responsibility for the incident.

The Bollinger County Sheriff's Department asks if you have any information that you call them.

The department can be reached at (573) 238-2633.

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