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Community responds after donation money stolen from 11 year old's fundraiser


“I realized that there are way more good stuff in the world than there are bad.”

That's what 11-year-old Dori Hefner said as donations came pouring in, multiplying the original amount of money that was stolen. The money was meant to help a child with cancer.

Hefner isn't your average sixth grader. Always putting others before herself, determined to help those in need and when setbacks come, she comes back even stronger.

“We were having a garage sale and I had this stand, which is the Snack Shack, and all the proceeds came to this four-year-old little boy named Wyatt Glastetter and he has cancer,” Dori said.

You may remember Wyatt, a brave little boy battling cancer. His story tugs at all of our heart strings. When Dori heard his story, she decided to do something to help.

“I had these two signs up and this picture and I had a money bag with all the money that we had in it. We had about maybe 75 to 100 dollars,” Dori said.

That's when someone snatched the bag right off the table.

“I'll be honest, I was furious when it happened and I was like ‘I can't believe this,'” Jamie Hefner, Dori's mother, said.

Hefner said, at first, her child was crushed until that act of greed turned into good.

“All of these donations came. This lady I don't even know gave me 20 bucks for an orange,” Dori said.

“It was just a crazy out pouring of support,” Jamie said.

Now, Dori's original 100 bucks has multiplied.

“It's shocking to me. Like, oh my gosh, there's like 400 dollars now,” Dori said.

It's proof, she said, that good will always wins over bad.

“There are a lot more good than bad in the world, Dori said.

“God is much stronger than a little bad thing that happened,” Jamie said.

Little Wyatt still has a long road ahead.

“I wish he was better already so we could play with him,” Max Hefner, Dori's brother, said.

However, you can bet this family won't stop helping him and others in need.

“Just because you're 11 years old doesn't mean you can't move mountains and have an impact on people,” Jamie said.

Dori is inspiring others to think beyond themselves.

“[It's] not necessarily just giving to him, that they will give to other people,” Dori said.

If you'd like to help Wyatt too, Dori says you can mail your donation to the address below and make check out to:

Wyatt Glastetter
1250 County Road 516
Altenburg, MO 63732.

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