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Bone-chilling weather means big business for some

The cold weather has been driving up business at some Heartland stores. The cold weather has been driving up business at some Heartland stores.

Cold temperatures across the Heartland caught some people off guard on Tuesday.

"I was just running around at school and it was fine and now it's just really cold outside and I had to borrow my grandma's jacket," Lizzie Crouach said.

Crouach and her grandma searched at Teen Challenge Thrift Store for a new coat on Tuesday.

This family wasn't alone.

Store supervisor Caleb Clark said the store has been extremely bust with people searching for winter weather gear.

"It's awesome just to see people roll around here with their baskets full and overloaded and we're having to help them carry it their car which we love," Clark said.

They've been moving very quickly to put stuff out, and people are buying it just as fast.

"I found myself running around a lot here, especially the last couple of days, just trying to get product out the door because if we can't get it out here on the floor then we can't sell it," Clark said.

This time of year is also busy for financial planners.

Brock Alspaugh is a financial planner for Innovative Financial Solutions.

He said there are a handful of reasons why people need the extra help at the end of the year.

Budgeting for the holiday season is one of the reasons.

"These things all cost money. You're going to have family in for thanksgiving, and then all of a sudden you're talking about Black Friday shopping," Alspaugh said. "People need to understand where they're at with their budget so they know that 'okay I can spend x amount of dollars for Christmas or Thanksgiving or whatever.'"

End of the year deadlines are also something people are concerned about.

Alspaugh said people have been calling them for help with open enrollment for health insurance, deadlines to take money out of their IRA and deductions they must make by December 31st.

"It's crazy right now," Alspaugh said.

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