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Police respond to vacant home invasions

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - With the changing weather, police say some homeless people are turning to vacant buildings for shelter.

Police warn that many of these homes don't have electricity, so firefighters say they're preparing for that problem too.

On Tuesday, Nov. 11 police and a K-9 unit was called to this empty house in Carbondale after the landlord noticed the back door had been broken into.

During the renovation process, he says the house has been broken into twice, costing him hundreds of dollars.

The landlord asked that KFVS not share the exact location.

Police say it's common during this time of year for them to respond to these types of calls.

Neighbors say despite all of the vacant homes in their neighborhood, they're not worried about their safety or their homes being broken into; they just know what to look for.

“It makes so much sense that it's cold and they have nowhere to go. Carbondale has a lot of homeless people, so if you just put two and two together,”said Emily Hall.

“Number one thing, know who owns the building that way you can at least tell them that it's an issue and there is something going on down there,” said Tim Reed

When police do notice an up-tick in these types of crimes happening in an area, they'll make frequent drive by's to look for anything unusual.

Best advice for everyone, police say know your surroundings, know what is normal and report any unusual activity.

But for the most case, abandoned homes are more common to be broken in to than ones that are just vacant.

Also, the obvious, keep your doors, windows and vehicles locked at all times.

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