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High school senior finishes race with one shoe, places 22nd overall

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - "Well it was my last year," Jack Jeffers said. "I'm a senior so I at least wanted to get all-state."

That was the goal for Jeffers while he was competing over the weekend in Jefferson City. He said he was prepared for any situation in the race except for what happened just about half a mile in.

"There was a pile up where somebody pushed somebody. I jumped and my teammate jumped over but he clipped my spikes and my spikes were half way off."

At that moment, Jeffers had a decision to make. Stop and fix the shoe, run with it half way off or kick it off all together and run about 2.5 miles with one shoe. He choose the latter.

"At first I thought that my all-state dreams were over and then I just figured what the heck go for it..."

And that he did. He finished in 22nd place, earning the honor he wanted.

"I've actually been pondering if it's better to get 22nd place with one shoe or 10th the same way everyone else does."

For those wondering, Jeffers said the race was at a golf course so that certainly helped, but the section that was gravel wasn't a part he wants to remember.

"That's where people noticed that I wasn't wearing a shoe because I was running with a limp like that."

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