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Board dismisses charges accusing Honeywell of illegally locking out workers


The National Labor Relations Board has dismissed the unfair labor practice charge filed in November by the United Steelworkers over the work stoppage at Honeywell's Metropolis plant. 

The NLRB investigated the complaint, which included a range of union claims, and found no evidence to support any of the union's claims.

Honeywell released a statement on Dec. 23 saying the company is pleased with the NLRB decision and "remains committed to reaching a negotiated settlement with the union."

The United Steelworkers and USW Local 7-669 filed unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board on Nov. 10 concerning Honeywell Corp.'s lockout of its union members on Aug. 2.

The USW deemed the lockout to be illegal and in violation of the National Labor Relations Act.

The union alleged Honeywell threatened to permanently replace its union workforce; illegally dealt directly with employees instead of bargaining with the union; and failed to respond to an information request from the union.

Other alleged violations of the NLRA are the company's unilateral change to benefits and repeated demonstrations of anti-union animus.

"After gathering information and talking to our member, we found it necessary to file charges with the board," said USW District 7 Director Mike Millsap. "Whenever our members are wronged and companies attempt to take advantage of and bully them, we will take action to protect their rights."

The USW filed the charges with the Region 14 director of the NLRB in St. Louis, Mo.

Honeywell issued a response in November to USW's allegations.

"The company has not been notified by the NLRB or received a copy of the union's complaint. However, it is common for unions to file such complaints in the event of a work stoppage. Throughout the entire negotiations, the company has bargained in good faith and complied with all laws and regulations when it comes to bargaining. The company will vigorously defend itself before the board against any such allegations from the union.

The company remains committed to bargaining in good faith. The company has repeatedly made contract offers to the union and Honeywell is disappointed that union leadership has not allowed its membership to vote on Honeywell's competitive and comprehensive offer for a new 6-year collective bargaining agreement. The latest offer came during the last bargaining session on October 2 and 3 and the company is awaiting the union's response. That offer would ensure that the union workforce remains one of the highest-paid workforces in the region, earning an average of $29.65 per hour. These workers earn wages that are 32 percent higher than the average teacher's wages, 41 percent higher than the average police officer's wages, and 135 percent higher than the average firefighter's wages. The company's six-year offer would guarantee annual wage increases and a competitive, consumer-driven health care plan.”

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