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Corps: Dialogue helping move lower MIss. River traffic along

(Source: US Army Corps of Engineers) (Source: US Army Corps of Engineers)

Dialogue with navigation officials is helping river traffic move along a section of the lower Mississippi River that is restricted, according to the US Army Corps of Engineers, Memphis District.

According to a news release, communication between the US Army Corps of Engineers, the navigation industry and the US Coast Guard is allowing commercial barge traffic to safely pass the restricted section of the river.

According to the Corps, this is between River miles 632 – 635,  near Fair Landing, Arkansas - and 30 miles south of Helena, Arkansas. 

There is less than 10-hour daily delay.

A news release says the Corps and Coast Guard imposed river restrictions during daylight hours along this narrow river reach to allow for important repairs to the banks that were damaged during the Great Flood of 2011.

Maj. Gen. Michael Wehr, Commander of the Mississippi Valley Division, was on site Sunday.

“We are committed to keeping the river open each day until the queue of barges passes the restricted area,” said Maj. Gen. Weher. "If for some reason the queue has not cleared by daylight, we will postpone beginning our revetment work until all of the vessels are thru this section of the river." Commerce is able to move on the river from dusk to dawn."

The Corps and Coast Guard are also re-buoying this three mile section of river to help widen the channel.

Future navigation decisions will be based on the needs of commerce and river conditions so that river traffic will experience limited delays, according to the Corps.

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