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Poplar Bluff VA Medical Center hosts town hall meeting


The VA Medical Center in Poplar Bluff, Missouri hosted a town hall meeting on Thursday evening in hopes of getting feedback from patients, family members and the community about the services offered by the VA.

One of the main topics discussed: the Veteran Choice Act.

The act passed back in August and deals with delays in access to care.

Starting on Tuesday, some veterans will begin receiving notices that they can see private practice doctors if they've been waiting for care.

That all depends though on how far away they live from the medical center, and if they've been waiting longer than 30 days.

"Personally, I haven't experienced any crazy delays, but there's been delays," veteran Tim Taylor said. "It's hard to keep mental health professionals. They change all the time, and it's hard to get in to see any physician at times."

Another hot topic is the construction of a new urgent care center.

Veterans that are curious about VA health care services are asked to enroll to see what options are there to help.

The VA asks if you receive one of those cards to make sure you first call to find out if you are authorized for private care.

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