Does It Work: Catch Caddy

Does It Work: Catch Caddy

(KFVS) - How many times do you drop your cell phone, a pen, or even a french fry between the seat in your car and the center console?

We all know that can be frustrating.

One product claims to be able to catch it all, and prevent you from having to fish around to find it.

Janey Foust lives in Jackson and said, like the rest of us, she's always dropping things between her car's seat and console.

"My car, the last time it was detailed there was a lot of stuff under there," said Foust.

Foust said she's excited to put it to the test because she's wanted to try it but hasn't had a chance to buy it yet.

"I have seen this on TV and I knew right away I wanted to buy it because I have a saying in my life that says if you lose your cell phone in your car, you have to buy a new cell phone cause it's gone forever," said Foust.

Foust read the directions

"It's flexible design fills the empty space," said Foust.

She slid the catch caddy in between her seat and console.

"You just put a thumb on each side and you press it down with equal pressure on each side," said Foust.

She said it seemed to fit nicely and seemed snug.

"It moves with the seat, so I think it would be good," said Foust.

She also said she worried how it would look to have this bulky bucket in your car, but she thinks it works.

"You can't even see it, I don't think anybody would even notice it was there," said Foust.

So does it catch things in the caddy?

"I'm writing....and it went right in," said Foust as she tested out the Caddy.

"I can definitely see that it would catch just about anything," said Foust.

It definitely seemed to work.

It stopped larger objects from falling and caught smaller ones.

Foust gave the Catch Caddy 5 stars, because she said it's a good price for a good product.

"I think it's a good deal and it makes a great Christmas present, I was just thinking of that," said Foust.

You can find the catch caddy online. You get two for $10 on the product's website.

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