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Tendency to be disgusted may determine political beliefs

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Have you ever considered that how grossed out you get about certain things might be related to your political beliefs?

They could be connected, according to a new study from researchers at Virginia Tech.

According to CNN, the study suggests that people more prone to disgust lean more on the conservative side of the scale.

Researchers looked at MRI scans of the brains of 83 volunteers who were shown a variety of images.

The pictures were either pleasant, threatening, neutral, or disgusting.

After looking at the pictures, those in the study rated them before taking a test on their political leanings.

It turns out that the brains of conservatives reacted more strongly than liberals' to the disturbing images.

In fact, researchers said, a person's response to those "disgusting images" could predict their political leanings by 95-percent and even up to 98-percent.

The Washington Post reports that the findings support other studies on the subject.

A 2012 study from Cornell University found that just mentioning hand sanitizer to students made them think more conservatively.

Researchers at Virginia Tech say it's unclear at this point why conservatives had a stronger response.

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