Homeowners look to cut heating bills

Homeowners look to cut heating bills

MILLERSVILLE, MO (KFVS) - After last years winter, Heartland homeowners are taking extra steps to lower their heating bills.

Millersville resident Beverly Shaw say it can be very difficult to keep the heat in and the cold out.

"We just literally keep cold, but try to keep from freezing, you know you just try to do the best," Shaw said.

Shaw and many others say it can be very expensive to keep their homes warm during the winter.

"The propane keeps going up every year, electric is outrageous, Shaw said. "You just can't afford to keep warm anymore."

That's why she takes extra steps to make sure when the temperatures dip, it's at least warmer inside than it is outside.

Shaw heats only one room at a time with a space heater and covers her windows and doors with heavy duty plastic.

However, Shaw said her utility bills are still high.

"You can do all these things but you still can't afford anything," Shaw said.

However, utility companies don't expect prices to rise much this winter, if at all.

"We can expect prices to be about the same as last year if the weather is about the same," Steve Green said, the customer care and marketing director for Liberty Utilities.

Andrew Melnykovych with the Kentucky state Public Service Commission said some homeowners might notice a very small increase.

However, the key is just how cold it gets.

"People will have higher bills of course in the winter time," Green said. "The colder it is, even if the prices don't go up, they'll still have higher bills."

That's why people like Shaw are hoping for just one thing.

"We're very much praying for a mild winter."

Homeowners can take a few easy steps to cut costs this winter.

  • replace your air filter,
  • turn your thermostat down when your not at home,
  • put plastic over your window,
  • heat only rooms you use with a space heater.

Residents will still see high priced bills if they are consuming more energy.

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